We construct with an eye for detail and quality

Construction projects for both private and public sectors

Lubell Nigeria Limited has successfully delivered a diverse range of construction projects for both private and public sectors. We have developed loyal business relationships through servicing all our client projects whether large or small.

Lubell Nigeria Limited has constructed projects over the years and covered various industry sectors of retail, commercial, industrial, health, education, sports and community projects.

Our construction efforts ensure that our projects meet industry best practice standards in terms of quality, safety, and environmental management.

Our facilities and network of suppliers ensure you get the best value for your money

Our facilities and equipment are state of the art of the highest standard to deliver the project. We take into account the safety standards of every equipment to protect our employees and clients from threatening hazards.

Our construction teams are supported by an extensive network of subcontract and supplier organizations ensuring we can introduce the latest construction techniques and materials to our projects. Our subcontractor and supplier base also ensures that we can source the best trade and material prices available in the market. This cost efficiency is passed on to Lubell’s clients in the form of competitive tender prices.

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