Corporate Culture

Our Corporate Culture
Our People

Our employees are the key to our clients realizing their objectives, therefore whoever joins our team is one of the most important management decisions we make as a company.

We have achieved this by employing a blend of experience and youth within a culture of ‘team’ work. A structure with some of the best professionals in the business that are well balanced with regards to skill and experience. Each team and department supports each other to deliver an outstanding result and outcome of excellence and quality of service to the client.

Our Values

Excellence – We support our people to deliver excellence each and every time to every client, big or small.

Performance – We invest in people and systems to effectively govern our projects and deliver value to our clients at optimum efficiency.

Trust – Our clients are the heart of our business. We must continue to establish that sense of trust with our clients by looking for opportunities to deliver value to theme.

Health and Safety Policy

Lubell Nigeria Limited takes the health and safety very paramount, the company is committed and responsible for the health and safety of all members of staff and general public within our office and sites.
Health and safety is installed subconsciously, and also a constant reminder by health and safety professionals of its significance to our staff and workers both in the office and onsite. Therefore it is part of the company’s policy to provide a healthy and safe working environment with adequate provision for safety wears to avoid injuries, occupational hazards and first aid boxes at strategic places in case of any emergency. Furthermore, the company ensures strict adherence to its health and safety policy.
However, the company expects responsible behaviour from all workers through visible commitment and active engagement. Achieving this will ensure and underline success ultimately.

Quality Assurance

Lubell Nigeria limited is proud of the quality of work it delivers to its clients; the company ensures the use of quality materials throughout its projects regardless of size, we believe in doing that we would set and maintain standards hence, keep our clients and also attract potential clients. It is the company’s motto: “together we build a sustainable future through delivering quality” this is integral in every aspect of our process. We are determined to continue our incredible path to growth through delivering quality projects no matter the circumstance, because we believe that in order to attain excellence that is the only way forward.

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