Managing Director's Message.

In the twenty-five (25) years since beginning its operation, Lubell Nigeria Limited has transformed from an obscure little known Contracting & General Trades Firm to one of the leading national Design & Construction companies in Nigeria.

Understanding our clients’ dreams and expectations has been fundamental to our business model hence our impressive performance over the years. Our growth has primarily been driven by our decision to strengthen the company’s capacity by investing strategically in Human Resources, Skills Set and Technology to deliver superior services to our clients in order to exceed their expectations in project quality, budget and timely delivery.

In recent years the Building Industry (residential and non-residential) has expanded rapidly driven by rising per capita incomes, steadily increasing foreign and local Direct Investment, increasing urbanization and strong corporate demand. This growth has led to the entrants of a number of players (both Local and Foreign) in the sector. Big foreign companies have largely dominated major project execution. Thus notwithstanding, the demand for greater participation by Nigerian contractors in the sector has witness a steady rise because of the need for local knowledge, better pricing and economic empowerment of citizens.

Looking forward, I believe we are firmly positioned to continue in our path of growth. Our company has the vision and tenacity to reach our goals and our team has the experience and expertise to deliver on projects that are both large in scale and technical in nature. We are committed to our quest to continue to build responsibly and develop our environment.

Arc. Yunusa Yakubu (FNIA) - MD/CEO